Lewis the Lion and Uruguayan Money

Lewis with Uruguayan Currency

As Lewis the Lion mentioned in his blog about arriving in Salto, Uruguay, at first it seemed very strange for him to be handling Uruguayan money as it seemed like so much! He had to use his maths skills very carefully to estimate how much he was spending.
Roughly, £1 sterling is worth 32 Uruguay pesos, ($UR).

Here are some photos of Lewis with the different notes, front and back:

Lewis with Uruguayan Pesos - front of notes

Lewis with Uruguayan Pesos - back of notes

With this in mind, can you work out in pounds and pence how much Lewis the Lion paid for some of the things he bought in Uruguay?

$14 UR on the public bus for a one way ticket.

$15 UR for 3 mini pastries filled with dulce de leche.

$289 UR for a 8GB memory-stick

$260 UR for an all-you-can-eat buffet

$46 UR for an ice-cream sundae with dulce de leche

$90 UR for a bag of laundry to be washed and dried

$619 UR for a bus ticket from Salto to Montevideo (approx 500km)

Do you think these things are reasonably priced? Why or why not?

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Helen Molloy has been a Primary Learning and Teaching Consultant, leading on the introduction of Primary Languages in the City of Stoke-on-Trent for the past 5 and a half years. She is passionate about language learning and inspiring children into developing a curiosity and awareness of other people's languages and cultures.
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