Mayan (Mexico)

When Lewis had his first stop-off in the North-East Mexican province of Yucatan, he was greeted warmly by a young man dressed as a traditional Mayan

Lewis the Lion meets a traditionally dressed Mayan

and by a waiter called Luis, (the Spanish version of Lewis!) who taught him how to say the key words in his language: Mayan.

Lewis the Lion meets another ‘Luis’ who teaches him Mayan

Here they are:

Hello/ Good Morning – Maloó kin

Please – Met u favorit

Thank you – Dios votic

He also taught him to say some other useful phrases:

My name is.., – In kabaá…

Pisha pell – How are you?

Lewis was also lucky to hear two people recite a poem in Mayan at the Chichen Itza archeological site. It was the first time he’d ever heard the Mayan language spoken! Click here to hear what Mayan sounds like.

Lewis the Lion also learnt about the Mayan writing system which was pictorial, a bit like the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt.

The Mayan Writing System

Can you write your name using the Mayan writing system?

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