Aborigine (Various tribes of Australia)

Lewis the Lion learnt that the original inhabitants of the Australian continent, the indigenous people or Aborigines have been there for a very long time, for about 50,000 years!

Being such a vast continent, there were many different tribes with their own languages. Today it is recognised that there are about 15 remaining languages which are spoken by all age groups. Lewis the Lion encountered two of these tribes’ languages on his journey in Australia: firstly the Tjapukai (Djabugay) tribe living in the forests north of Cairns and secondly, the Anangu tribe living in the Northern Territory and around Uluru (the Western Desert).

On his language challenge, these are the words he learnt:

The Tjapukai or Djjbugay Language

Djirri Nyurra is how you say hello or welcome in Tjapukai

Djirri Nyurru – Welcome and Hello

Lewis the Lion learns some Tjapukai

The other ‘magic word’ he learnt was also very useful:

Guri – Please and Thank you!


The Anangu Language (Pronounced Arn-ung-oo)

Again, Lewis the Lion learnt a very useful word as it meant several things:

Palya – pronounced pul (like cull)-ya – hello, goodbye, thank you, finish

Uwa – pronounced oo-ah – yes

Wiya – pronounced wee-ya – no, don’t

Being in Australia, he also learnt some of their animal names of the animals around them:

Kalaya – pronounced kal-lay-a – emu

Liru – pronounced leer-oo – poisonous snake

Lungkata – pronounced loong-car-ta – blue tongue lizard

Mala – pronounced mar-la – rufous-hare wallaby

Malu – pronounced – mar-loo – red kangaroo

He also found the words in the photographs very useful. Can you see why?

Anangu language: men – wati

Wati – pronounced wootie – man

Anangu language – Minyma – Women

Minyma – pronounced min-ma – woman

He thinks perhaps he should have added the word ‘toilet’ or ‘The Men’s’ or ‘The Ladies” in every language that he’s learnt on his journey so far?

What do you think?

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