United Kingdom

  • Country name: United Kingdom (The United Kingdom is made up England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).
  • Population: 62.4 million (U.N. 2011)
  • Capital and largest city: London
  • Second largest city: Birmingham
  • Major Language: English
  • Major Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: 1 pound sterling = 100 pence
  • Country dialling code: +44
  • Internet code: .uk
  • Main exports: Manufactured goods, chemicals and food stuffs
  • Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
  • Prime minister: David Cameron (Conservative Party)
  • Climate: The climate in the UK is variable. Go to the BBC weather website for more information.
  • For more information on the United Kingdom go to the BBC website – United Kingdom

4 Responses to United Kingdom

  1. Rhys gee says:

    Thanks Lewis oh and Thanks for the great team leading mrs.molloy you and lion where the best leaders ive met

    • Helen Molloy says:

      You’re welcome, Rhys! Lewis the Lion will get around to writing all about his adventures with the Goblin Go-Kart just as soon as he can. He thinks there’s a Lewis Hamilton in you all somewhere!
      Best wishes,
      Lewis the Lion and Miss Molloy

      • Rhys gee says:

        It’s great to see your still traveling ive came back to read up on your blog and……….. i just expected you to take a break!

        • Helen Molloy says:

          Dear Rhys,
          Lovely to hear from you! I know I’ve still got to write the story from our time Goblin Go-Karting. I’ll get there eventually – not long till I catch up now! Lewis the Lion wonders if you’ve got back into a go-kart since last year and wonders what life is like at secondary school for you? Hope all’s going well. Lewis the Lion sends you lots of sunny rays from Dubai.
          All the best,
          Miss Molloy and Lewis the Lion (naturally!) :)

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