Country name: Uruguay

Population: 3.4 million (UN, 2010)

  • Capital: Montevideo (1.3 million population)
  • Area: 68, 037 square miles
  • Major language: Spanish (with some Portuguese spoken near the Brazilian border)
  • Major Religion: Christianity
  • Currency: 1 Uruguayan pesos = 100 centesimos
  • Main exports: meat, rice, leather products, vehicles, dairy products, wool, electricity
  • Internet domain: .uy
  • International dailling code: +598
  • Climate: The mild climate in Montevideo all year long

  • Other cool things that Lewis the Lion has discovered about Uruguay are :
  • The first Football World Cup was hosted in Uruguay in and they also won it!
  • Is one of the wealthier Latin-American countries with advanced education and social systems
  • Its European influences are apparent, e.g. in the buildings and food as most of the population is of either Spanish or Italian origin
  • People love to drink maté here! (You can read more about Lewis the Lion’s experience of this when he visits Buenos Aires).

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