Lewis learns the importance of his 4 times tables!

Lewis the Lion was starting to realise how important so many of the things were that he had learnt in school. In particular, he was starting to understand how important it was to know all of his table facts off by heart as he travelled around. When he arrived in Peru, he understood why he had to know his four times tables off by heart as in the Peruvian currency, there are roughly 4 Nuevo Soles (Sol in the singular) to the pound.

That means to get the conversion rate, he simply needed to times a figure by 4 to work out how many Nuevo Soles he needed to pay. Or if he wanted to know how many pounds something was worth, he simply needed to divide by four.

See if you can work out how much Lewis the Lion spent in pounds when he talks about the different amounts he has paid as he tells his stories.

A strategy that Lewis uses to work out his four times table is to times by two and then double it again.

Do you have a strategy that helps you remember your four times table?

About Helen Molloy

Helen Molloy has been a Primary Learning and Teaching Consultant, leading on the introduction of Primary Languages in the City of Stoke-on-Trent for the past 5 and a half years. She is passionate about language learning and inspiring children into developing a curiosity and awareness of other people's languages and cultures.
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